or, No Famous Alsatians

by Iseul (이슬)

nom d'Internet: Iseul (이슬)
birthday: June 13
bloodtype: A-
favorite living author: Hilary Mantel
favorite pre-John Vanderslice Mountain Goats album: Full Force Galesburg
favorite silent comedian: Buster Keaton

Where does the name Straslin come from?
"Straslin" is a composite of the names "Strasbourg" and "Berlin."
When do you update Straslin?
Straslin is updated when something happens to me that (a) I want to make into a comic (b) I can make into a comic. So far, this is ~1-2x/wk.
What is Straslin about?
Straslin is a comic diary. In theory, it chronicles my year abroad (as well as the exploits of [semi-]famous Alsatians).
When will you be in Strasbourg?
September '08 - January '09.
When will you be in Berlin?
January '09 - July '09.
No famous Alsatians?
As Wikipedia will swiftly reveal to you, there really are very few famous Alsatians. There are more if you include people who studied or taught or otherwise lived in Alsace at one point in their lives, though. It's just Alsatians by birth who are generally not famous.
Um, is that picture permanent?